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黑色棉莱卡 编号:A026

Black Cotton lycra(Only $24.99)

连有手套和面具的全包身紧身衣能更多地带给我们对美丽人生的体验,让我们来一起尽情享受人生中美好的时刻!全部紧身衣采用最高品质的YKK双向拉索,保证自己可以轻松打开和关闭以及长期使用的可靠性,所用缝合设备均为弹性面料专用设备。 本站衣服的标价都是包邮费的,中国大陆以外地区(含港澳台)的运费由客户自己承担。

LycraCN --- the home of Zentai, is the earliest professional corporation which makes the products of zentai suits, catsuits and leotards, founded in 2003 and has been one of the largest and brand-competitive companies globally. With the strong power in the fields of researching, customization and creativity, we have accumulated plenty of trust from customers in 9 years. At present, we are eager to find direct business cooperators overseas. We expect our cooperators could be companies or inviduals who is stable and possesses the ability of market exploration, and could design new costumes in new fashion based on our current products. Please do not hesitate to send e-mail to zgbjlmr@aliyun.com should you be interested in such affairs of cooperation.

We provide service for retailers in worldwide, all the contact will through the email. Just let us know your country and the product code (like A001), And also the heights, weights,and bust,waist,hips.The cost will be the product price plus the current shipping rate. We only accept PAYPAL for international payment. We ship within 3-5 business days. We can use EMS DHL TNT UPS and FEDEX ship to worldwide.Our PAYPAL account is bt_guoliming@hotmail.com

If you prefer online shop, please place the order at our English Online Shop.

If you prefer PayPal payment, bulk orders, wholesale suits, please send email to zgbjlmr@aliyun.com

S 5'1"-5'4"(155cm-163cm) 88LBs-110LBs(40kg-50kg)
M 5'4"-5'7"(163cm-170cm) 110LBs-132LBs(50kg-60kg)
L 5'7"-5'10"(170cm-178cm) 132LBs-155LBs(60kg-70kg)
XL 5'10"-6'1"(178cm-186cm) 155LBs-177LBs(70kg-80kg)
XXL 6'1"-6'5"(186cm-196cm) 177LBs-200LBs(80kg-90kg)

Custom size with the measurements:

1 (head circumference)
2 (chest)
3 (waist)
4 (hip)
5 (thigh)
6 (shoulder width)
7 (arm length)
8 (leg length)
9 (height)
10 (weight)

Optional items

crotch zipper for man about 15cm/6 inches ($5)
crotch zipper for woman about 40cm/16 inches($5)
with mask, and open eyes & mouth ($3)
with mask, and open face ($3)
with toes ($5)
outside stitch free ($10)

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